This website is intended as a resource for learning and understanding more about Hashimoto’s Disease and exploring possible root causes

Welcome to Healing Hashimoto’s.

This website is about my 10-year-old daughter, Seren who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease in February 2022.

As you’ll see, it’s not my style to just accept a diagnosis along with the medication and try to muddle through a life-long illness with all the problems autoimmune disease can bring.

Although the autoimmune disease can run in families (and it certainly appears that way in our case), it doesn’t just ‘switch on’ all by itself

Although I am extremely grateful for modern medicine and that there are medication people can take to normalise their thyroid levels, it has been my experience that the medical profession doesn’t ask WHY the disease has occurred.

I couldn’t (and can’t) accept this. If it’s possible to find out what might have triggered this disease then what might happen if we remove or treat that trigger? Is it possible that by doing this the rogue antibodies might start declining? And if so, might they decline to such an extent that Hashimoto’s is driven into remission?

Healing Hashimotos Disease
About Healing Hashimotos Disease

The Gorden Family

We are the Gorden family and the photograph is of all of us at my parents’ house in Spain.

I’m Caroline, my husband is Chris and we have three children – Seren (10), Betsy (7) and Freddie (3).

The photograph represents everything about our approach to Seren’s Hashimoto’s disease. We are all part of it and as you’ll see, even her younger siblings have a role to play and have had to ‘step up’ in the quest to heal Seren’s Hashimoto’s.

It’s surely one of the most important lessons in life – that when there’s a problem with our nearest and dearest, it also becomes OUR problem and we have to pull together to make it right. After all, when things go wrong in life the most precious gift is to have the love and support of our family and friends, isn’t it?

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